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Affordable Help
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Divorce: The Easy Way or the Hard Way



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You are Looking for Affordable* 

Legal Representation?


Attorney guarantees lowest rate quote,
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You are Trying to Protect Kids, 

Save $$ and Your Ex May Settle With You?

                                  Divorce Mediation To Lessen Stress ,

                                             Iron Out the Issues

You Want Attorney or Document Help for One
or Several Issues, Not Entire Case
You Desire Document Processing 

Only, to Save $$

Limited Scope Representation or Pro Se Help on documents

Attorney and Staff can provide services.
Attorney has been involved in national civil law cases, and is signed into all California
State Courts, and Northern District Federal Court, Eastern District Federal Court,
and Southern District Federal Court (San Diego) and Bankruptcy; Colorado Federal District Court [there is only one Federal District Court in Colorado] and is familiar with the Federal Bankruptcy
system and PACER.  Attorney also handles criminal cases and civil litigation, plus animal law related
cases, and is often requested nationally, for help on animal related cases. 
Although attorney is a litigator and involved in law and motion in both family courts
and civil court cases, attorney is quite capable of settling cases and is very
straightforward about settlement. It has been found that many clients will not
settle until they have seen how expensive cases can become.