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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sacto Facilitator's Office has Limited Help for Clients
The Sacramento Facilitator's Office has HUGE backlogs of clients, notably those trying to get help with their family law documents. Not only are the waiting times long, many people cannot even be seen after waiting all day. Many in person services are now only limited to emailing; and the clerks in the Family Court at the windows, are often not happy to serve people.

Most couriers who must wait in line for filing, charge about $100 just due to the waiting; some of them do not file at all, and it takes about 3 weeks now, to get a case number for a dissolution if one does not hand the first documents over directly to the clerk [meaning drop box and fax filing still take 3 weeks.]   This has created a large demand for document processing in this area, likely much more so than in other areas.

At the court downtown for civil filings, normally you must drop box initial filings. Then wait for weeks to get documents back. In some other counties, they have closed down courthouses. In others, like Butte County, they are almost finished BUILDING a new courthouse in Chico for 2015. If you have ever been in the Chico Courthouse on Oleander, you will understand why they built a new courthouse.

 If this has been the case for you, you will save time and money if you decide to work with a document preparer since you will likely not spend much time waiting in line, and in most instances you will not need to appear at the courthouse.