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Affordable Help
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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Affordable Paralegal Help 916.877.5297

  1. Affordable Paralegal Sacto/Roseville  916.877.5297

  2.  For Butte County call 530.359.8810

.... We provide legal documents and affordable document help for most civil litigation and contested civil cases. 

Attorney supervised.

Law and Motion Hearings, Court Hearings

Divorce, contested, uncontested, in litigation, law and motion, petitions, replies, answers, responses, child support, modify support, spousal support, property/asset/debt schedules, bankruptcy issues within divorce, post divorce, debt allocation, credits, property equalization, and more. Attorney supervised.

If you want 
or just want help with your legal
documents ........

We can help you get
 appropriate advice 
916 877 5297
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Save yourself time and money, and avoid the hassle of working with documents you simply do not know how to handle. The money you save will more than make up for lost time. 

Over 20+ years in document processing, and online for years....


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